Monday, June 22, 2009

Top Pet People on Twitter

Twitter is a great place to connect with a community of fellow pet lovers and pet experts. Get tips on taking good care of your pet, meet interesting pet owners and even be entertained. Here are pet "tweeple" who are range from authors, bloggers, industry experts, average pet lovers, rescues and even pets that tweet!

@Petsaretalking Friendly animal communicator that engages with people and participate in a pet-related radio show. Often blogs in support of shelter pets.

@DFS_Ellen Tweets on behalf of Drs. Foster and Smith pet supplies including pet care tips, articles and videos. Engages with followers and answers questions.

@PawLuxury Tweets on behalf of Paw Luxury eco-friendly dog products. Friendly tweets including links to pet care blog articles.

@twoofnews Tweets interesting pet-related news articles.

@JohannTheDog A twittering agility dog the also has a blog that aims to help owners find cool stuff for dogs. Engages with followers and tweets from a dog's view of life.

@dogster From, tweets pet care tips and pet-related news articles.

@MinPinRescue @baltimorehumane @Kat5Rescue @animalshelter are a few of the rescue/shelter organizations that tweet to help the animal world by encouraging pet adoption.

@Ghlaghghee (pronounced Fluffy) is a twittering cat that is very entertaining. Claims to be held hostage in a human prison. "They feed me dry kibble and make me pee in a box of gravel."

This list is a sampling. If you're a pet lover, leave a comment with your Twitter profile link. Don't have a Twitter account? Sign up for free account and find more of these types of people on Twitter.


Nadine M. Rosin/ author, speaker, holistic pet care advocate said...

And those are only a few of the many really outstanding pet people on twitter like:


Nadine M. Rosin/ author, speaker, holistic pet care advocate said...

oops :) that was supposed to be @K9Cuisine