Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Pet Blogs

There are many pet blogs, but I find a few particularly noteworthy. Some blogs focus on pet health, some on cuteness, and other pet blogs blend pet news, health care and fun. Check out my Top 3 Pet Blogs:

Pet Blog

1. Drs. Foster & Smith Pet Blog
This pet blog has wonderful variety: pet health information, tips & tricks, and just fun pet stories. The people who write on this blog are all employees of Drs. Foster and Smith pet supplies, the online pet supply company. However, there are no sales on the blog - only information. The authors all seem to have pets and write about their personal experiences. The blog encourages readers to share their stories via post comments. Often, the post author will reply to comments.

2. Pet Finder

I am an advocate for pet adoption, and I think Pet Finder is a wonderful site that helps pets who need a new forever home. You can search for pets by any region in the country. It also has important articles to help potential pet owners make good decisions on what type of pet to adopt, helping to make successful adoptions. Pet Finder's is easy to use, and a great resource.CuteOverload

3. Cute OverloadSimply put - this pet blog will bring a smile to your face.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Household Pet Safety

Pet safety is an issue that every pet owner needs to remain mindful of on a daily basis. Sometimes daily routines and habits can unknowingly expose my pet to harm. This article found on the Drs. Foster and Smith pet blog lists some very common things found in homes that could easily harm your pet.

Household Hazards for Pets

by Ellen B. on September 25, 2009

Keeping your pet safe can be challenging due to their curious nature. Cats and dogs like to snoop, so owners need to take a few precautions. My dog is most famous for dumpster diving in the bathroom trash can. It really scared me when I saw he had a razor out, so I now have a covered trash can. Here are a few other common household items that are hazardous for pets:

Plants - Many common plants can make your pet ill. Our educational staff has a great article that details some poisonous plants and the problems they could cause.

Medications - Both yours and your pet’s prescription and supplements can be harmful to your pet. Dogs and puppies can easily chew through a plastic container.

Poisonous Foods - There are many human foods that poison pets. You owe it to your pet to know what they are! Chocolate, onions, grapes, raisins, alcohol, apple seeds… Checkout these more complete lists of foods that are dangerous for dogs and cats.

Paper Shredder – Unplug your paper shredder when not in use. Your dog’s tongue can get caught…ugly outcome.

Electric Cords – These are especially tempting to puppies because they like to chew, but any age pet could potentially decide to investigate. Avoid possible electric shock by unplugging accessible cords, encasing cords in plastic tubing (PVC pipe) or purchase a cord protector that prevents your pet from chewing on the cord.

Purse - Never leave your purse on the floor or low-level surface. There are so many potential hazards typically carried in a purse; anything from pain relievers to sharp objects.

Rat Poison/Mouse Traps – When you are focused on getting rid of the rodent problem, you can easily forget that your pet might roam or sniff ANYWHERE he can get!

Toilet Bowl Cleaners – My rule is to never use automatic toilet bowl cleaners if there is a pet in the house. Even if your pet “doesn’t drink from the toilet”, you just never know. Don’t take the chance.

Trash Cans – Kitchen garbage can contain tempting items that could result in your pet choking or being poisoned. Bathroom garbage containers often have razors and cleansing products. Keep doors closed or garbage containers concealed!

Xylitol (Sugar Substitute) – Found in some sugar-free chewing gum, candy, chewable vitamins, and baked goods, xylitol can be poisonous and life-threatening to pets. This article details signs and symptoms of xylitol poisoning.

A few basic items are very helpful for pet safety:

* Gates are an easy way to create off-limit areas that could pose safety issues in your house.
* Crates and kennels keep your pet safe when you are not there to supervise.

Please leave a comment and share your pet safety tips or any other household hazards.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Top Pet People on Twitter

Twitter is a great place to connect with a community of fellow pet lovers and pet experts. Get tips on taking good care of your pet, meet interesting pet owners and even be entertained. Here are pet "tweeple" who are range from authors, bloggers, industry experts, average pet lovers, rescues and even pets that tweet!

@Petsaretalking Friendly animal communicator that engages with people and participate in a pet-related radio show. Often blogs in support of shelter pets.

@DFS_Ellen Tweets on behalf of Drs. Foster and Smith pet supplies including pet care tips, articles and videos. Engages with followers and answers questions.

@PawLuxury Tweets on behalf of Paw Luxury eco-friendly dog products. Friendly tweets including links to pet care blog articles.

@twoofnews Tweets interesting pet-related news articles.

@JohannTheDog A twittering agility dog the also has a blog that aims to help owners find cool stuff for dogs. Engages with followers and tweets from a dog's view of life.

@dogster From Dogster.com, tweets pet care tips and pet-related news articles.

@MinPinRescue @baltimorehumane @Kat5Rescue @animalshelter are a few of the rescue/shelter organizations that tweet to help the animal world by encouraging pet adoption.

@Ghlaghghee (pronounced Fluffy) is a twittering cat that is very entertaining. Claims to be held hostage in a human prison. "They feed me dry kibble and make me pee in a box of gravel."

This list is a sampling. If you're a pet lover, leave a comment with your Twitter profile link. Don't have a Twitter account? Sign up for free account and find more of these types of people on Twitter.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Othopedic Dog Bed

At 11 years old, my dog is now deemed a "senior dog." One of the changes I've seen in him recently is that he "clunks" when he lays down, and he rises a little more slowly from his bed. I decided it's time for my dog to have an orthopedic dog bed.

What are orthopedic dog beds? Drs. Foster and Smith offers the following description:
Built to protect aged or ailing joints, orthopedic beds provide maximum support with medical-grade foam and/or box spring construction. In this category you'll find a mix of bolsters, mats, nests, and traditional beds that our doctors recommend for older or arthritic pets.

The supportive foam is really helpful for my dog. He looks more comfortable and certainly doesn't "clunk" at bedtime. A good orthopedic bed is an investment, but it is well worth it for the way it helps senior dogs' ailing joints.

In general, I believe every dog should have his own bed. My dog now has 4 beds, each residing in different rooms. He has always preferred his dog bed over the couch. Although sometimes he jumps on my bed, when it comes to night bedtime he prefers his own bed. It's something of his own, and a place he can rest comfortably.

Research different types of dog beds so you are sure to get the style that best suits your dog.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

It is Unsafe for a Pet to Ride with His Head Out of the Car Window

From PetEducation.com

Q. Why is it unsafe for a dog to ride in the car with his head out of the window?

A. We definitely recommend you do NOT allow your pet to travel with his head out of the window for several reasons:

If the dog's head can get outside of the window, chances are his whole body can. We have seen dogs jump or fall out of open windows of vehicles and become seriously injured or worse.

Small particles could enter your dog's eyes or ears causing severe injury. Larger objects such as tree branches hanging onto a street, or road construction signs could also cause injury to a dog whose head is outside of the vehicle.

If you would be involved in an accident, a dog with his head outside of the window could, again, be seriously injured or even killed.

Animals riding in a vehicle should be in a cage, crate, traveling harness, or otherwise restrained. NEVER allow your pet to ride in the back of an open pickup truck, even if restrained. Cages or crates may be thrown out in the event of an accident. Animals who are tied may attempt to jump out, resulting in strangulation or dragging the animal behind the vehicle.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

How to Keep Your Pet Cool

Can you imagine wearing a fur coat on a hot summer day? Your dog would love to imagine not wearing his fur coat on hot summer days! Checkout some "cool" pet supplies available to ease summer heat on your dog.

Just like an ice pack on your neck or forehead cools you down, this Cooling Bandana cools your dog. It's easy to use, very inexpensive, reusable and washable - and I must add stylish!

This cooling mat contains co-polymer crystals that absorb water. This product is also very easy to use, durable and reusable. Airflow is used to cool, and no wetness is next to your pet's body.

While you enjoy a refreshing popsicle, your dog will enjoy the cooling that comes from this chilly bone. Durable canvas outside is saturated with long-lasting vanilla flavor and is very affordable. This product is also a teething toy for puppies.

Here's another cooling mat with a slightly different design and is less expensive that the mat above. This mat is also reusable and can also be used to keep the dog warm during winter.

The most important pet supplies item to always have available to your dog is fresh, cool water — whether on a walk, in the car or in the house or yard. Remember, hot sun can quickly make water too hot to drink.

Pictures from Drs. Foster & Smith Pet Supplies, where the above products can be purchased.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

National Pet ID Week

A simple ID tag can keep a pet from ending up in an animal shelter. Even indoor pets can sometimes end up lost. Do you have accurate and readable identification tags on your pets? April 18-24 is National Pet ID week, so let's all take the time to take a look at our pet's tag.

No tag or out-dated tag? Tags are inexpensive and available online or even your local Walmart store has a "make your own id" machine (generally located in the store entrance).

Don't put if off, go take a look and get a new tag if needed. Your pet thanks you.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Pet Safety

Every holiday brings things out of the ordinary into our homes. Take note of a few precautions to ensure your pet's safety this Easter.

1. Cats love to play with the plastic grass in Easter baskets. However, that grass causes big problems for their digestive system.

2. Any pet may look at an Easter basket filled with candy as it's personal candy buffet. Keep baskets away from nose reach of any pet.

3. Easter Lilies are a poisonous plant for pets, and can cause kidney failure and death. Contact your veterinarian immediately if your cat eats any part of an Easter lily. Treatment includes causing the cat to vomit and must be done within 18 hours of ingesting the plant.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Bike With Your Dog

As summer weather and longer days roll in, consider dusting off your bike for some bonding time with your dog. Dogs love fresh air, and they'll enjoy a bike ride just as much as you! Regardless of the size of your dog, there are bike accessories that make it easy for you to include your dog on your bike rides.

Easy to install front carrier bicycle basket ensures your dog goes with you on outdoor adventures. Attaches easily to bicycle handle bars to create a soft comfortable nest. Includes clip leash, pockets for treats, belongings, and water bottle. Holds pets up to 15 lbs.

This dog bike trailer is great for pets large and small. Offers your small, older, or injured pets the ability to enjoy your company outdoors. Perfect for walks, jogs, or bike rides when you aren't sure if your pet can make it all the way. Trailer converts into a jogging stroller.

Walk your dog while you ride. Converts from bike lead to baton leash in seconds. Dog-safe quick-release and spring mount design.

Thanks to Drs. Foster and Smith pet supplies for the product pictures and desciptions.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Got Dog Toy Fluff

Fluff explosionWhen I give my dog a stuffed dog toy, I am fairly confident he looks at it as a challenge: kill it and remove all stuffing! If your dog has the stuffing out of a new toy in a matter of minutes, consider Skineez, stuffing-free dog toys.

Because of their appearance, I affectionately refer to Skineez dog toys as "road kill". Regardless of it's looks, my dog loves it and carries it around like a baby blanket.

Each toy has a few squeakers. Although the squeakers are out of my dog's Skineez, they did last a few weeks--longer than any other squeaker toy! After a few months, the toy has taken a beating, but he still digs it out of his toy box on a regular basis. Doesn't matter that it's missing it's head, Lucky still loves his Skineez. (My dog, Lucky, got the toy for Christmas 2008, and this is him still playing with it on March 26.)

Skineez toys are very reasonable - $7 maximum depending on the size. It won't last forever, but I personally know several dogs who thoroughly enjoy this toy. I like to vary Lucky's dog toys so he doesn't get bored. Skineez toys are different and dogs love them.