Thursday, December 4, 2008

Top 5 Gifts for Cats

A few posts back I listed my Top 5 Gifts for Dogs. To be fair to felines, here's my Top 5 Gifts for Cats:

5. Cats love to nap, so give them the gift of comfy lounging on cat bed they can call their own.

Splurge and get a classy cat bed such as this "love seat" on sale at for $149.99.

A less expensive alternative is the Cozy Cushion for $19.99. This alternative bed can be placed on the floor or furniture.

4. Cats are often lazy, so get them a great cat toy that will get them moving!
Da Bird cat toy is nice because a person has to get involved...and it's so much fun! Interaction with a pet is always a good thing, and this toy is fun for the person and the cat! All that fun comes at the low price of only $6.99!

3. Cat furniture with multiple perching spots is always a winner. Cats like to jump, play, peek, and sleep on a textured piece of furniture made just for them. Scratching posts are also an important piece of cat furniture. Consider making your own cat furniture. Get ideas at in their article titled DIY Cat Trees and Scratching Posts.

2. Every living creature likes treats, so cat treats make an excellent gift.

1. One word...CATNIP!

Feline Fantasia® Catnip will get even the fattest cat moving!

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Anonymous said...

That Classy cat bed is SO cute..I think I'll have to spoil my babies this year! Cute gift ideas!!