Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Top 5 Gifts for Dogs

Dog lovers know the joy of watching their dog unwrap a gift and feeling the unspoken (yet heartfelt) "thank you." The littlest of gifts will make your dog feel loved and happy! Below are my top 5 ideas for gifts for dogs.

Invited to a holiday get-together? Just as you would bring the hostess a gift, bring the dog of the house a gift---the owners are sure to remember the gesture. Dogs like to be part of the party, and they LOVE getting gifts.

Top 5 Gift Ideas for Dogs:

5. Dog collar or clothing
Some dogs like to sport around top fashions. Can't say the dog will get overly excited at gift opening, but they'll look good! (Great "hostess" gift.)

4. Dog Toys
You know what your dog likes! Can a dog have too many toys? If you're buying a gift toy for someone else's dog, you can never go wrong with any sort of ball.

3. Dog Treats
This is the best option to take as a "hostess" gift--can be homemade or found very reasonably. I never met a dog who doesn't like treats. Try fun treats that especially become available around the holidays -- they'll amuse owners, yet are still lip-smacking tasty for the dog.

Unique Treat Idea: Along with a bottle of wine for the hostess, bring this bottle of Sauvignon Bark for the dog of the house. So different, fun and the dog will find it to be delicious!

Crunchy bones are an old standby that are always appreciated by all pooches.

2. Rawhide bones
Go crazy at Christmas and get them a larger bone than normal. An added benefit is this will entertain your dog while the rest of the crowd opens their presents.

1. Dog bed
Does your dog already have a dog bed? Get him another! Just like you use different furniture for different reasons, so may your dog. One for nighttime sleep, one for family time or daytime napping.

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Anonymous said...

Sauvignon Bark, what a spectacular idea to bring along to a friends Christmas party. You think of everything!