Friday, December 5, 2008

Make Your Own Dog Biscuits

Whether you have a dog of your own or need a unique hostess gift when going to a pet parent's house, homemade dog biscuits are perfect. You control the ingredients which means you know the nutritional value. Dog biscuit recipes are generally simple and require few ingredients. Bloggers who love their pets offer these recipes:

Healthier Dogs has two Homemade Dog Treat Recipes that she says are "easy and fun, even if you hate to prepare things from scratch."

"Animal and Natural" on Squidoo gives a tasty dog biscuit recipe. She says "Several minutes after the first batch is baking in the oven, our dog Maxxamillion will suddenly stop playing, sniff the air, and walk over to his favorite spot in the kitchen to wait for them. He recognizes the delicious aroma of these biscuits every single time."

Ali at Home of the Lazy Dog has a recipe for Peanut Butter Dog Biscuits. She says she’s made a lot of different kinds of dog treats and these are her favorite because they're “easy, healthy, natural, crunchy and taste great.”


Anonymous said...

What a fun idea. I think my daughter and I will try making some treats this year for other family member's dogs. Maybe you just helped start a new tradition in my family.

Anonymous said...

Well, we made the dog treats. My daughter (age 2) wore her little red and white checkered apron and excitedly screamed we're making treats for Lexi (our dog)!! And I'm sad to report they didn't last long. Our dog LOVED them! And my daughter LOVED making I think we're going to become expert dog biscuit bakers! Thanks Again!

Pet Care Today said...

YAY! Way to go and try something new! Glad you and your daughter had fun together---and that your dog got some delicious treats!

Thanks for commenting again.