Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Make Your Own Dog Bed (& Other Pet Items)

Looking for ways to cut spending? Make your own pet supplies such as a portable dog bed, cat condo, pet carrier, scratching post and more! Materials needed are simple, as are the instructions.

Below are the instructions for the dog bed as taken from Ready Made magazine's website, Checkout their website for the other instructions, as well as many other "instructions for everyday life."

Jet-Set Dog Bed
by Mariah Gardner

_Suitcase with floppy opening side
_Heavy-duty double-sided tape
_Pillow (or two, depending on suitcase size)
_Fuzzy bath mat (slightly larger than inside of suitcase)

_Vacuum cleaner or dust broom
_Nontoxic cleaner or scent-removing spray


1. Unzip the suitcase and vacuum or sweep out the inside, then go over it with a nontoxic cleaner or scent-removing spray, to ensure that Mr. Furrypants uses it as a bed instead of a lavatory. While you’re at it, take a slightly damp rag and wipe down the outside as well.

2. Lay the suitcase flat and fold back the zippered top. Tuck the end underneath the suitcase, securing with tape. If the top isn’t long enough, secure it to the back or roll it up on top.

3. Drop in your pillow, adding another if one doesn’t cover the bottom of the suitcase. Try to nestle them in there tightly and flatten them down so they’re not lumpy.

4. Throw the bathmat on top (fuzzy side up), smoothing out the top and tucking the edges down so the pillow is completely covered. If your suitcase has ribbon ties on the bottom, you can use them to tie the whole thing in place.

5. When it’s time to take Fido on the road, simply throw in his favorite toys and
snacks, then zip it all inside for a convenient carry-all.

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