Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pets as Gifts Not a Good Idea

Every kid dreams of waking up Christmas morning to find a cute, tail-wagging puppy emerging from a gift box under their tree. As heartwarming as that scene is, resist the temptation to give a pet as a gift.

Giving a puppy or kitten as a Christmas present is not in the best interest of the pet. Pets are A LOT of work and will require a big time commitment from its new family. Also consider that the pet will be a family member for 10-15 years. The decision to add this canine or feline member to your family needs to be well thought out and an agreed upon consensus--not just the makings for a fun Christmas morning.

If you would like to give a pet for a gift, read this article from Drs. Foster and Smith Pet Supplies titled Puppies - as Christmas Gifts? They further explain why Christmas morning is not the best time for a puppy to arrive in the family, but also give great ideas for still making Christmas morning exciting by using fun ways to announce a new puppy is on its way!

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