Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Pet Blogs

There are many pet blogs, but I find a few particularly noteworthy. Some blogs focus on pet health, some on cuteness, and other pet blogs blend pet news, health care and fun. Check out my Top 3 Pet Blogs:

Pet Blog

1. Drs. Foster & Smith Pet Blog
This pet blog has wonderful variety: pet health information, tips & tricks, and just fun pet stories. The people who write on this blog are all employees of Drs. Foster and Smith pet supplies, the online pet supply company. However, there are no sales on the blog - only information. The authors all seem to have pets and write about their personal experiences. The blog encourages readers to share their stories via post comments. Often, the post author will reply to comments.

2. Pet Finder

I am an advocate for pet adoption, and I think Pet Finder is a wonderful site that helps pets who need a new forever home. You can search for pets by any region in the country. It also has important articles to help potential pet owners make good decisions on what type of pet to adopt, helping to make successful adoptions. Pet Finder's is easy to use, and a great resource.CuteOverload

3. Cute OverloadSimply put - this pet blog will bring a smile to your face.

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