Tuesday, May 19, 2009

It is Unsafe for a Pet to Ride with His Head Out of the Car Window

From PetEducation.com

Q. Why is it unsafe for a dog to ride in the car with his head out of the window?

A. We definitely recommend you do NOT allow your pet to travel with his head out of the window for several reasons:

If the dog's head can get outside of the window, chances are his whole body can. We have seen dogs jump or fall out of open windows of vehicles and become seriously injured or worse.

Small particles could enter your dog's eyes or ears causing severe injury. Larger objects such as tree branches hanging onto a street, or road construction signs could also cause injury to a dog whose head is outside of the vehicle.

If you would be involved in an accident, a dog with his head outside of the window could, again, be seriously injured or even killed.

Animals riding in a vehicle should be in a cage, crate, traveling harness, or otherwise restrained. NEVER allow your pet to ride in the back of an open pickup truck, even if restrained. Cages or crates may be thrown out in the event of an accident. Animals who are tied may attempt to jump out, resulting in strangulation or dragging the animal behind the vehicle.

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Anonymous said...

This is great to know. I never knew it was bad for my dog to hang her head out. Sometime I would even argue to get the window down for her. Now I know better. THANKS!