Friday, February 27, 2009

Thank a Pet

Studies have shown that pets enrich our lives. Despite our mood, they love us unconditionally, protect us and pets can even reduce the stress we feel.

My dog, Lucky.Sometimes I walk into the door with my hands full and 100 things on my mind. Later I realize I didn't say hello to my dog - even though I know he was at the door to greet me. Regardless of my ill manners, he's near my side wagging his tail...just waiting for me to be ready to say hello. What an understanding and forgiving creature.

It's no wonder that hospitals and nursing homes use therapy dogs to help their patients. Therapy dogs can help troubles disappear as the dog becomes their focus rather than their pain. If only for a moment, the friendliness of these dogs brightens the days of the troubled.

Have you been blessed with a pet in your life? If so, take time today to thank him with a good ol' fashion belly rub, a "you're a good boy/girl" and of course a treat is always appreciated.

As the saying goes, "I’m trying to become the person my dog thinks I am."

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Anonymous said...

This is such a great reminder. I wonder if people realize what a health (mental and physical) benefit it is to have their pet. I love my dog, she is always there to listen and to give me a needed hug!