Thursday, February 26, 2009

Dog Beds: Invest Wisely

Dog BedJust as people appreciate a comfortable bed, dogs appreciate a comfortable dog bed. My dog currently has 3 dog beds; all located in different rooms, and all used throughout the day.

Dog BedSince a dog bed is an important investment in your dog's health and comfort, be sure to research before buying. There are different styles of dog beds and you want to be sure to get the exact type of bed he prefers. Some beds help a dog curl up and snuggle in, while others allow stretching out. Orthopedic dog beds provide extra support, which is particularly beneficial for arthritic, older, or overweight dogs.

Although it shouldn't be top priority, it's always nice to select a dog bed with a color and style to match your home decor'. Dogs generally prefer to be in the middle of family activity, and having a bed in the main room gives him his own personal space. Dog beds can complement your decorating, versus working against it.

A quality dog bed will last for years, so time spent on research will ensure you make a wise investment. The one thing I have found is that you get what you pay for - a cheap dog bed will need to be replaced quickly.
Dog Bed


Kristi said...

I bought my very large lab a HUGE bed. She instantly fell in love with it and sleeps in it every night. I know she's relaxed by her snoring. What's even cuter, when she gets up in the morning, the cat runs over to her bed and sleeps in it. You can hardly see the sleeping cat in the middle of that huge bed. Dog beds seem pretty expensive, but you can get some good deals. Besides, think of how much your bed cost..they use it every night to get the rest they's worth it!

Pet Care Today said...

Kristi-thanks for your comments! I think it's just adorable how much dogs love their own bed. Talking about expensive, I did come across a tip that I'm going to try. I think my older dog would benefit from an orthopedic bed. I'm going to try to find a baby crib mattress and cover it with a fleece blanket. Going to try to get one from freecycle. Just a thought.