Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Pet Meds

Pet meds are a necessity, but they don't have to be a stress-point for your pet, nor painful to your pocketbook. Discover how you can save money, time and stress by purchasing pet meds online.

Just because your pet's veterinarian writes a prescription does not mean you must purchase the pet meds from the veterinarian. Online pet meds sites make it easy for you to order a prescription. For example, Drs. Foster and Smith pet supplies company gives the following options:

Prescriptions are not needed for many pet meds such as flea and tick prevention, joint care supplements and vitamin supplements. A good online pet meds site will provide educational information, be sure to read it so you get the best pet meds option for your pet.

You may think that the shipping amount from online pet supplies sites will make the purchase more expensive in the long run, but think again. The online pet meds industry is very competitive and free shipping on these products is readily available.

Drs. Foster & Smith does price comparisons for you on many popular products. Check out their price comparison page for several popular products compared to PetCareRx and 1-800-petmeds.

No more having to fit one more errand to the vet's office into your schedule. Just get pet meds delivered to your door - how convenient is that!


Anonymous said...

Great information! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

If you are shopping at 1-800 Pet Meds, either on the website or over the phone, use coupon code PETE and you can save yourself 10% on the total bill, plus you get free shipping if you spend $39 or more. Hope this is useful - great site :)