Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Vacationing at the Puppy Hotel

As we leave for vacation, we drop our dog (Lucky) off at the local boarding kennel that we fondly refer to as "Lucky's puppy hotel." We recently went on a week-long vacation, so Lucky had an extended stay at his hotel.

Before we left, I began to feel terrible about leaving him at the kennel. A call to the kennel calmed some of my fears. They assured me that they would get him exercise both morning and afternoon. They also explained that dogs don't have the same sense of time as humans.

After just a couple nights at the kennel, Lucky usually comes home exhausted and sleeps a lot the first couple of days at home. She explained that activity around them all day really makes them tired--especially since Lucky is used to having peace-and-quiet all day long!

I know the kennel facility is clean and accommodating, and my little chat with the owner left me feeling like Lucky would be well cared for while we were vacationing. Take time to do a little research on your local kennels - a good kennel really is there to make sure your pet is happy.

Here's an article that has good information if you're planning a vacation and need accommodations for your pet.

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