Friday, June 20, 2008

Tips to Prevent Pet Dehydration

Summer is known for beach excursions and days at the park. However, hot summer days can be dangerous for your pet. Take extra care to keep your pet hydrated, whether he stays indoors or outdoors.

TIP: Have more than 1 bowl of water available for your pet. Did you ever notice how if you have a glass of ice water handy, you are likely to drink it? Same with your pets - make it convenient so they don't forget to drink.

TIP: Consider purchasing an automated water bowl. Some models keep your pet's water clean and cool.

TIP: Bring a portable water container if you take your pet on a walk or car ride.

TIP: When out and about, toss your dog ice chips from your cooler. He'll think he's getting a treat, and you know he's getting hydrated!

TIP: Just like you prefer to drink from a clean glass, so does your dog. Avoid bacteria by cleaning his bowl every day. A scrub brush designated for the pet water bowl makes this easy--a quick once over does it. (By our sink, I keep the type of brush that holds dish detergent in the handle.)

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