Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Adopting Dogs From an Animal Shelter

My personal experience with adopting a dog from a local animal shelter was very positive. However, I took my time and put a lot of thought into it.

My kids really wanted a dog. My husband and I were open to a dog, but had a few concerns.

First, I knew a puppy would be very time demanding and would have to be let out often. On some days, it would have been tough to get home at noon to let the dog outside. Would that be fair to a puppy?

Also, once my kids head off to college, I'd like to be free to travel without having to put a pet in a kennel.

Solution: we adopted a 6 year old dog. It took many trips to the shelter to make sure we were adopting a dog that would fit our family, but we sure lucked out!

Here's an article that brings up many good points you should ponder before adopting a pet.

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