Monday, March 16, 2009

Siamese Dogs - Or Puppy Love?

Dog owners are well aware of the strong bond between dogs and their owners, but these pictures tell the story of 2 dogs who are clearly best friends. My heart is warmed every time I see the many pictures of them cuddling.

It's funny that at first glance they may appear to be siamese twins bonded by the neck, back or bellies. However, I'm convinced they're bonded at the heart.

These loving dogs are a product of their environment. Behind thier carefree, completely content personalities is a committed, loving owner. Although the adorable pictures may give the ol' saying "Dog is man's best friend" a little competition, I think their "mom" is still #1.

Thanks to my friend Mari, and her dogs Pablo and Chico, who made this blog post possible.

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