Saturday, March 28, 2009

Got Dog Toy Fluff

Fluff explosionWhen I give my dog a stuffed dog toy, I am fairly confident he looks at it as a challenge: kill it and remove all stuffing! If your dog has the stuffing out of a new toy in a matter of minutes, consider Skineez, stuffing-free dog toys.

Because of their appearance, I affectionately refer to Skineez dog toys as "road kill". Regardless of it's looks, my dog loves it and carries it around like a baby blanket.

Each toy has a few squeakers. Although the squeakers are out of my dog's Skineez, they did last a few weeks--longer than any other squeaker toy! After a few months, the toy has taken a beating, but he still digs it out of his toy box on a regular basis. Doesn't matter that it's missing it's head, Lucky still loves his Skineez. (My dog, Lucky, got the toy for Christmas 2008, and this is him still playing with it on March 26.)

Skineez toys are very reasonable - $7 maximum depending on the size. It won't last forever, but I personally know several dogs who thoroughly enjoy this toy. I like to vary Lucky's dog toys so he doesn't get bored. Skineez toys are different and dogs love them.

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