Sunday, November 30, 2008

Doggie Holiday Stocking

It's the season for giving and every member of the family appreciates a stocking filled with goodies--including your dog. Go ahead, spoil Fido with a doggie stocking this holiday season!

It's fun to have a doggie stocking that stands out from the rest. Many pet supply companies sell dog-theme stockings, such as Kissed By Dogs that offers Christmas stockings that feature each breed.

You can make this adorable paw stocking yourself. provides easy instructions. If you don't want to sew it together using a needle and thread, simply use glue. (Fido won't care).

Now, for the stocking contents! All dogs love new dog toys. You know what your dog likes, just wrap one up. My dog likes to open gifts as much as he likes the contents. I wrap his regular dog treats (crunchy bones, rawhide flip chips, special bite-size items) individually. He's happy to get gifts just like the other family members, and it doesn't add a lot of cost for me.

Of course if you want to spend more, there's plenty of dog supplies on the market---have fun!

Important Note: Yarn, ribbon or string on gifts can cause intestinal obstruction if swallowed. Use only paper for your pet's gift wrap.

Doesn’t every person AND pet deserve a few special treats during the holidays?

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Anonymous said...

Last year we got a stocking full of cookies from Drs. Foster and Smith..I think my dog secretly felt more like a family member than a sleeping on our bed isn't enough!!