Thursday, September 4, 2008

Include Your Dog in Halloween Fun

You know you want to! Go ahead and be festive - dress your dog for some Halloween fun. Go wild and offer neighbor dogs festive doggy treats. The dogs will love you for it, as well as the fellow dog owners who will remember your thoughtfulness in thinking of their little pooch.

So many doggie costumes, which one suits your style: a simple bandana or a full-blown detailed costume? Here are some fun ideas:

Pass the mustard please...


Don't leave your dog out of the party!


Do be respectful to your dog - don't put him in a costume that makes him uncomfortable. If he doesn't like things on his head, avoid costumes with hats. And, always be safe. Just like childrens' costumes, make sure your dog can walk and move safely in the costume.

Thanks to Pampered-Dog-Gifts, Drs. Foster & Smith Dog Supplies and Costume Craze for the pictures.

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