Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Dog Collars

Bling or no bling? A quick Google search on 'dog collars' will present you with more options for dog collars than you ever imagined. Do you like your dog sporting around a fashion statement or blending in with the other dogs on the block? You decide, bling...or no bling?

This collar is my personal choice that some may call boring - the ol' standard, durable dog collars.

A collar for the princess pooch.

For the macho-type dog, Harley-Davidson Leather Spiked Collars.

Collars for formal occasions can be fun!

Nice, durable, yet different collar.

Reflective dog collars are a great idea. Obviously great for hunting, but also for winter walking when it gets dark so early.


Anonymous said...

I prefer a little bit of bling. Great articles!

Anonymous said...

My dog is going to look like she belongs in Hollywood. Thanks!