Thursday, May 29, 2008

Top Pet Travel Tips: Supplies & Procedures

Top Pet Travel Tips: Supplies & Procedures by Brent Goodman

Traveling with your pet can be fun and rewarding - especially when you're prepared.

In addition to the pet travel "basics" (safely restraining your pet, allowing adequate time for "potty breaks," bringing comforting items from home, and so on), several additional simple practices and supplies can help make every trip easier and more pleasant for both you and your pet.

Schedule a veterinarian visit to ensure overall health and current vaccinations. Ask for a health certificate and vaccination records, especially if you're traveling out of state.

Make sure your pet's identification tags are up-to-date and readable. Also, be sure his rabies tag is current.

Include your destination address and/or phone number on your pet's tags and cage/crate (if applicable).

Remember to pack water to prevent dehydration. Your favorite pet supplies store will have portable bottles that work extremely well, and allow your pet to drink from it. To help ensure convenient feedings, bring along a collapsible, portable bowl.

Pack all medications and supplements to avoid missed doses.

Pack a first aid kit to ensure readiness in the event of an injury or medical emergency.

Exercise your pet prior to departure. A tired pet is typically much more amenable to travel. Also, bring a lead or harness to allow exercise during "pit stops."

Feed your pet at least four hours prior to departure to prevent car sickness. If the trip is long, feed a smaller amount than normal at least two hours before you leave.

Use a travel remedy, if necessary. If your pet is extremely anxious about travel, try a soothing non-prescription pet supplies product.

Trim toenails to prevent snags and injury, especially if your pet will travel in a cage or crate.

Cover your car seats with seat covers to keep them clean and free of hair shed on your trip.

Know your travel rules and restrictions, especially if you will travel on an airplane.

About the Author
Brent Goodman holds degrees in English from Ripon College, a Masters of Fine Arts from Purdue University, and has extensive experience in research communications and educational publishing across various fields of study. He is currently the Senior Copywriter at Drs. Foster & Smith Pet Supplies, the nation's leading online and catalog pet supplier.

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Anonymous said...

Great pointers. The first aid kit is really something that should always be with us---for our pets and us!