Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Pet Supplies

Every pet has his or her favorite things in this world. Here are the pet supplies that my dog, Lucky, cherishes:

Dog Bed: Lucky actually has 2 dog beds. One is for sleeping at night, and the other is in the family room. When the family lounges around watching TV, Lucky can be found on his own "couch". There are so many different types of dog beds, it can sometimes be difficult to select one that's just right for your pet. A quick reference guide will help you select a dog bed style that's just right for your collared friend.

Grooming Brush: This is one of Lucky's favorites because he gets personal attention time! This is one of my favorites because it reduces shedding in the house!

Inside Dog Toys: Oh, there are so many! The Kong is probably one of Lucky's favorite because I put treats inside of it. I like it because it entertains him and keeps him busy for a while trying to get the treats out. Sometimes I put his dog food or peanut butter in the Kong toy, although they do make treats designed for the Kong toy.

Squeaky toys seem to also be one of Lucky's favorie toys. Quality toys of any sort seem to last even through his chewing.

Outside Dog Toys: Hands down, (or should I say "paws down"), the soft flying disk is the winner in this category. Lucky loves to swim, and this toy is easy for him to see and easy for me to throw long distances in the lake.

Flea and Tick Control: Simple.... prevention is so much easier than removal. Search out the product that's right for your pet, and make sure you remember to use it on schedule! No dog wants the problems associated with fleas or ticks.

Heartworm Medication: Don't skimp here, your pet's health is too important. You must have a prescription from a veterinarian for this pet med. However, you often find online heartworm medication prices better than at your vet's office. In general, I am a fan of Drs. Foster & Smith Pet Supplies, but Google around for individual best prices.

Treats: Lucky's favorite is, well, any treat is Lucky's favorite. In addition to the usual commercial dog treats, I sometimes give him fresh fruits or vegetables as I am cutting them up. Just be aware of the the food items that can be poisonous to animals!

ID Tags: You never know what may happen when your dog is outside. Make sure he has appropriate ID tags so someone can help get him back home!

There are so many more pet supplies that might be needed for your pet.....allergy care, joint care, soft toys, hard toys, safety items for travel, homes or outdoors, food, collars, clothing....

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